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Limited - YELLOW - version of the detailing trolley

Variant Price
Standard version - 2 shelves PLN299.99
PRO version - 3 shelves PLN399.99


Limited - YELLOW - version of the detailing trolley

Trolley designed for detailing professional and amateur studios. Focus on convenience and functionality. Very practical and made of the highest quality materials will significantly increase the comfort of your everyday work. The right height, innovative solutions and stability guarantee are just a few of its advantages.

Made of high-quality resistant steel, precisely cut and bent, finally covered with a powder finish, both inside and outside, to provide an additional protective layer against oxidation.



- height of the trolley 80 cm (easy to slide, do not bend down)

- 4 places / cavities for polishing machines

- 5 holes for brushes

- 2 bottles for bottles with coatings (43mm diameter fits bottles up to 100 ml)

- 2 places for mounting bottles. The absence of an inner edge allows you to avoid unrolled pressure on the atomizer when you pull the bottle

- 4 swivel castors (50mm) made of high quality rubber material, guaranteeing stability even on uneven surfaces

- 3 horizontal panels for stabilizing machines and hanging microfibers and bottles. The front panel is higher allowing you to create or stick an individual logo


- seals securing the place of machine hanging


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